Welcome ! I’m Ameline Bosson, an english-speaking doula and symptothermal method counselor, based in La Rochelle, France.

What’s a doula ? A doula offers continuous emotional, psychological and physical support to parents before, during and shortly after childbirth. A doula’s purpose is to help parents have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience. During pregnancy, I’m here to discuss what your hopes are for your birth, give you informations to help you explore and make your own decisions, and listen to your doubts, fears and emotions. After your child is born, I can provide practical support (assistance with breastfeeding, looking after older children, preparing meals, running errands…), and a listening ear as you explore your thoughts and emotions about parenting in those early weeks. Your partner is included throughout this process, and has someone to talk to about his or her own questions and needs.

What’s the symptothermal method ? It’s a fertility awareness method that can be used as a natural birth control. Using this method, you can determine precisely the fertile and infertile days of you menstrual cycle, by observing two biological signs : basal body temperature and cervical fluid. If you want a contraception, you then have to choose what to do during your fertile days : use a barrier method (condoms or diaphragm), abstinence or sex without vaginal penetration. The method is highly effective when used correctly : a study determined a 0,4% Pearl Index, versus 0,3% for the pill. As a symptothermal method counselor, I can help you during the learning process, to make it quicker, easier but most of all, safer.

If you have any questions regarding my doula or symptothermal support, feel free to contact me !